Final Blog Post

As I finished watching Orange is the New Black I was saddened by the fact it was over however happy due to the way the final episode ended. A lot unfolded during the final episode but I think one theme that I picked up on through the flashbacks was the constant reappearing of religion almost all the flashback s contained some mentioning of religion also we say this through Taystees conversion to judaism. I thought the way the show ended with the scene of all the inmates being rejuvenated  by the lake was a great way to bring the season to commencing. I feel that there will be a lot to unfold as season 4 begins including the situation with the guards where they have all decided to quit there job due to the fact they didn’t feel they were getting compensated enough. Another situation that is going to be addressed is Alex Vausse when she is in the work shed and the toothpick guard. I am very excited to continue viewing season four and see what happens.


OITNB Blog post 12

As I watched the the next few episodes of orange is the new black I have picked up on a new theme that has emerged. The theme I am talking about is the fact that the show took people that we as viewers or at least me had looked at as weird. I first saw this with Chang who Is seen as a very strange character on the show. However, as we see into her backstory  we see that she suffered extreme rejection when she was young. Then we see her get only pees and sneak them out of the lunch room I thought this was very strange but then however we see that she is making some sort of Chinese patties and that she actually is very normal and likes to sneak off to watch tv shows on a phone. Another person we get to see into is Leanne we see that she was actually amish and that is why she has a strict craving for rules. Another thing that we get insight into is suzanne and her sexual novels but we see that she has actually never had sex and is very confused about it. I think the writers were trying to do something very intentionally by putting all these stories so close together with in the story line.

OITNB blog post 11

In the last few episodes we have watched we see allot of new things. Also allot of change takes place. There are New COs who art properly trained and end up causing a big hassle for the current guards. Also we see a new prisoners who have entered the prison one of whom is stella who I believe will grow into a large role within the story line. Another new thing we see is the new kitchen system with food that just gets boiled out of the bag. This change came directly after Red gets her dream of taking over the kitchen. which is sad because it is something I had been looking forward to for a while now. Another new thing we see is the work assignment. We see all of the girls fighting for this position wanting to gain a spot in the new work assignment. This brings up the question of if it is ethical to have prisoners working for cheap labor and companies gaining profits off of this work. I am curious to see if this is something that will progress as a social issue or if this is even something that actually takes place in real life.

OITNB blog post 10

There where allot of new incidents that have arisen throughout the first several episodes of season three of Orange. We saw things such as; Red covering up her smuggling hole, Piper and Alex regain some sort of distorted relationship, and CO Bennet have some sort of interaction with Dayas family and then him running off which still hasn’t been resolved. One common thing that kept arising throughout these episodes was the issue of if it is better in some cases to tell a lie if you know the truth will do no good. This subject revisits something I have discussed in blog posts and something we have talked about in class which is moral grey areas. However in the situations presented throughout the third season seem overwhelmingly convincing that it is bad. First we see Red’s realization that her shop has been closed and that Piper has lied. Also we see Pipers confession to Alex that she is the reason she is in prison. Both of these seem very selfish by piper in my eyes and are convincing that a lot of times it is actually better to tell the truth even tho it might hurt someone in the moment.

OITNB Blog post 9

In this blog post i would like to talk about something not directly in the episodes. Instead i will talk about the article wearied as a homework assignment. Specifically Margaret Lyons, “What did it Mean for Orange is the New Black’s Second Season to have One True Villain?”. The thing I found very interesting in this article was then last couple sentences that talk about the lasting effect of season 2. Or actually how there is no lasting affect. I had not even noticed this until reading this article. Essentially we are almost exactly where we were at the beginning of season 2. Vee is gone red will most likely return to the top of the prison with her new route in. Alex will most likely return to prison to be with piper. Taystee and  Poussey are friends again. In my option there where only two changes that the writers focused on that changed permanently. One of these is rosa. Before season two we knew very little about rosa. However, during the second season we see her whole backstory we also see her as she is struggling through her cancer treatment and knows she will die. The other thing that has drastic change in season two is Larry. Larry went from being on and off with piper to now being in a serious relationship with Pipers best friend which is a large change that I don’t think will be reversed through the rest of the viewing. so I am curious to see if there will be more permanent change throughout season three and if any of the things from season two will actually come back to matter and have an effect.

OITNB blog post 8

In this blog post I have decided to talk about something other than the episodes assigned to watch. Instead I would like to talk about the video we were supposed to watch about food being the star of the show. The reason this is something I wanted to discuss is because I completely disagree with this observation. I don’t believe that food has anymore significant role than any other symbol in the show. The reason I believe this despite the reoccurrence of food in the show is because, food is a huge part of everyones life considering people eat three times a day it is something that takes up a lot of time in peoples life. This is why it doesn’t surprise me that it is such a reoccuring theme throughout a show depicting peoples everyday life. However on a whole I take the position I have just stated I think there is one situation where food is used in the show to simulate power. This is within the kitchen system where we see Reds power taken away when she loses control of her kitchen. However the food doesn’t give the power it is instead earned from the high position of the kitchen. And although food often reoccurs through the show I believe that there is not enough evidence to assume that food is a star of the show especially not enough to claim ” it’s essentially a cooking show set in a prison. ” which is what is claimed.

OITNB Blog Post 7

As we continue to watch season two we see a growth in crime within the prison. In the last few episodes we see lots of changes. Before this the prison had become a place where very little contraband was being brought in. However, that changes first we see Vee take over the cleaning and quickly put all of her girls to work importing cigarettes. Also when Red gets word that Vee is up to something it sparks her to get back on her game and start bringing in her products. Also we see Bennet bring in vitamins for Daya and when the other inmates see they extort him to bring in items for them also. Another theme we see in these few episodes are guards lashing out at prisoner. This is seen once when Bennet gets fed up with the women in the kitchen boring him around and decides to send one of them to SHU. Another place we see this is with the increased shot quotas that put in place. A result of this is when Fisher gives a shot to the nun. The last thing that I saw increase in the last couple episodes is the relationships between guards. First we see  Caputo making moves on Fisher when he discovers she is no longer with her boyfriend. However these attempts seem to be futile due to the fact she seems to be more interested in Luscheck. Also we see two of the other guards come out and expose that they are in a relationship and plan to live together. Also we see a return of porn stash as he writes a love letter still thinking him and Daya have some sort of relationship. Another relationship that is seen is Healy’s we see the struggle he goes through trying to connect with his wife and how she keeps denying them. It shows how much he is affected when he gives her the call to dance and is then seen outside with the appearance that he had been crying.

OITNB plog post 6

As I began to watch season two of orange is the new black I noticed very quickly a new social issue that was being brought up. It was apparent that in the second season they would be bringing up the issue of adoption. It was first seen in taystee’s backstory. We see how she was in a foster care but no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t get adopted. This is something that happens far to often in society. Many children are put up for adoption but they are not adopted at a young age so they are forced to grow up in the foster care system. This can be a very hard life for adolescent’s. In many cases they are forced to move from home to home with very little stability and in some case long term psychological affects. We see this topic of adoption brought up once again in the third episode where we get a glimpse into Susan A.K.A crazy eyes backstory. in both of these stories we see how even tho they where put up for adoption they both found a family that accepted them even tho for taystee it wasn’t till much later. However even tho Susan was adopted at a young age we see how the fact that she always seemed to be different played a huge factor in her development. It seems from what the show portrays that this is why she acts the way she does is that it is sparked whenever she has a feeling that she is different from others in her surrounding. I wonder how the show will continue to touch on this issue and if we will see a deeper picture of how it affected taystee. I am also curious to see the relationship between vee taystee’s mother and Susan to see if she will be able to help Susan to fit in and stop her outbreaks.

OITNB plog post 5

In the last few episodes of the season there are many new things that take place. First off red was removed from the kitchen. This is because Mendez told Bennet about her “smuggling” operation which was really Mendez the whole time.  The reason he did this is because he got caught having sex with Day. And was placed on unpaid leave. another thing we see is the escalation of the beef between Piper and Pennsatucky and the episode conclude with the two of them fighting and trying to kill each other. One reoccurring theme throughout the last few episodes is prison staff acting inappropriately towards inmates. First is one that we have seen all through season one which is Bennet’s relationship with Daya. Then we see Mendez have an inappropriate relationship with Daya. Another instance of this is when Susan the female guard allows sister to take food out of the lunch room she is then reprimanded and we see how from then on every time she tries to act tough on inmates it backfires on her every time. Another place we see corruption is in the higher ups in the prison system. Not only by Caputo but by his boss Natalie. Caputo is seen trying to cover up many of the schemes along with his boss to make sure the warden doesn’t catch wind of the suicide , “rape” and drug smuggling. Also we see that Natalie might be stealing money from the prison. It is not confirmed but she takes great interest when Larry talks down on the prison and a reporter asks why they have received so much money but are still having cuts. Right after this we see her standing next to a new Mercedes. I wonder if this will continue to grow as a theme throughout the rest of the show.

OITNB Blog post 4

One thing I noticed as I watched Episodes nine and ten of season one was the reoccurring theme of abortion. This was seen twice in these episodes once when Daya realized she was pregnant and decided that she wanted to abort the baby and was willing to drink the homemade remedy made by a fellow inmate. This was rivaled directly by her roommate who during the same episode had her child. It was interesting to see how Daya’s roommate was so excited to have her child and was excited for that opportunity whereas Daya at first did not want to have her child. Another aspect of this was Daya’s mom who would not let her abort the child and told her she should keep it even tho it could cause serious reprecoutions for her and the guard. Another time we see this issue brought up is in one of pipers flashbacks where her and larry are having a discussion about having a child and larry brings up abortion. I think it is interesting the perspective the show gives on abortion because some of the characters look at it as a moments decisions with no consequences and other people are astounded and look down upon it I’m curios to see how the writers develop this topic throughout the show and see if they take a more definitive stance.

Also In the last part of episode 11 we are left with a cliff hanger as we see massive strain on the relationship between piper and larry and during there argument we discover larry knew about Piper and Alex the whole time. Also Larry drops the news that Alex was the one to name Piper in her trial. This lie was something I was curious to see how it would play out when Larry first told it and I am still intrested to see how it will have an effect not only on Piper and Alexs relationship but also on Larry and Pipers relationship as the show continues.